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Here you can find a selection of titles by Longview scholars.

Postindustrial Possibilities
Fred Block:
A Critique of Economic Discourse
A fresh understanding of the dynamics of postindustrial change.
The Vampire State
Fred Block:
And Other Myths and Fallacies about the U. S. Economy
An engaging look at how popular metaphors distort our economic understanding.
Backdoor to Eugenics
Troy Duster:
Whitewashing Race
Michael K. Brown, Martin Carnoy, Elliott Currie, Troy Duster, David B. Oppenheimer, Marjorie M. Shultz, and David Wellman:
The Myth of a Colorblind Society
Scrutinizes the logic and evidence behind the widely held belief in a color-blind society, and provides an alternative explanation for continued racial inequality in the United States.
Doctors of Conscience
Carole Joffe:
The Struggle to Provide Abortion Before and After Roe v. Wade
The Regulation of Sexuality
Carole Joffe:
Experiences of Family Planning Workers
The Lost Sisterhood
Ruth Rosen:
Prostitution in America, 1900-1918
The World Split Open
Ruth Rosen:
How the Modern Women's Movement Changed America
Ruth Rosen chronicles the history of the American women's movement from its beginnings in the 1960s to the present.
Media Advocacy and Public Health
Lori Dorfman, Makani Themba and Lawrence Wallack:
News for a Change
Lawrence Wallack, Katie Woodruff, Lori Dorfman and Iris Diaz:
An Advocate's Guide to Working With the Media
Step-by-step instructions for working with the media to promote social change.

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