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The Longview Mission

The mission of the Longview Institute is to help achieve a just, democratic, environmentally sustainable, and humane society.

Longview works to:

  • Reframe the terms of political debate to make a progressive moral vision more persuasive and influential.
  • Develop public policies that will bring us closer to a society that embodies this vision.
  • Unify progressives around a shared political program and a common moral language.
  • Build links with activists, policymakers, the media, academics, and other key groups to influence the public agenda.

Over the last three decades, a well-organized and well-funded conservative movement has appropriated fundamental American values and language, from freedom to compassion to patriotism, and redefined them from a conservative perspective. By defining the language of public discourse, they have set the parameters of the political debate, even though a majority of Americans continue to reject much of the conservative worldview and its policy implications. The right has used the support of a dense network of think tanks, intellectuals, and policy analysts, to articulate its moral vision, disseminate it to the public, and translate it into public policies.

With no alternative language and overall vision available for public officials, policymakers, advocates, and journalists, it is difficult to promote or even discuss alternative policies. The debate is often over before it has ever really begun, and the progressive tendencies within the American people have no voice. We founded the Longview Institute to change this situation.

The founders of Longview are distinguished scholars and researchers from the University of California representing a variety of disciplines (including sociology, law, history, linguistics, women's studies, and public health). Its Founding Fellows have a track record of nationally recognized research, political engagement, and commitment to social justice.

The founders believe that through the combined efforts of the Founding Fellows and a talented staff, the Institute will be able to develop a vision, a strategy, and a moral language that can move U.S. society in a progressive direction. This endeavor will involve research, communication, and outreach to reframe public debate to win immediate reforms and to build a durable movement for social change.

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