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Welcome to the Longview Institute

Longview is a new institute started by seven of the eight founding fellows of the Rockridge Institute. We created Longview because we believe it will allow us to make more rapid progress on the work that we began at Rockridge. We are deeply grateful to all of the individuals and organizations that have provided past financial support and hope that we will enjoy your continued involvement.

Longview has several projects that we believe will advance our common cause of a socially just and environmentally sustainable world. Our Project on Policy and Vision is about envisioning new policies that begin to address our nation's deepest problems at the source. The basis for this will be a framework for a Moral Economy that will offer a conceptual and practical alternative to the market fundamentalism that is limiting our country.

The Project on the Promise of America and the Progressive Story will show how progressive policies can be rooted in our nation's history and values, and can once again resonate with the mainstream. And we are now redoubling our efforts to secure funding for the Fellowship Program for Public Intellectuals so we can bring new people to Longview to help develop and communicate more broadly this vital work.

In the weeks ahead, we plan to improve the appearance of the website and to add new content on a range of different topics. For now, take a look at some of the interesting pieces on women, public health, moral economics, and framing that are available on the website. Please return to the site so we can work together to create a progressive vision for our society.

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