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Longview’s work on developing a progressive vision has begun in several areas:

Market Fundamentalism: This resource page on Market Fundamentalism is a new initiative of Longview's Moral Economy project.  Market Fundamentalism is the name we use for the exaggerated faith in the capacity of markets to solve social and economic problems  that has dominated our politics since the Reagan Era.  This new resource  is intended to help citizens and activists to recognize and refute the flawed arguments that have artificially limited our political choices for too long.  Longview's Moral Economy Project will continue both to advance this critique and to develop an alternative policy vision that combines an efficient economy with fairness, democracy, and environmental sustainability.

Gender and Public Policy: If women really mattered, how would we change public policy? One of the most important goals of the Longview Institute is reframe, rethink and reconsider how health care, child care, the minimum wage, low-wage retail employment, affordable housing, public health—even foreign policy—would be reconfigured and rethought if women really mattered. If we seriously examine public policy through the eyes of women, it would look very, very different. As was true during the 1970s, we would ask fundamentally different questions and discover quite different solutions. That is what is necessary to improve the lives of all women in the 21st century.

Reproductive Rights and Health: Over the last few years, Republicans and anti-abortion groups have made great gains in stigmatizing abortion and limiting women's access to the full range of reproductive health care. There is an urgent need for a new vision of women's health that includes full access to reproductive services, including abortion.

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