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    Sex, Politics and Markets by Carole Joffe, Felicia Stewart, 01-30-2007
Markets aren't free when they are constrained by conservative ideology, argue Carole Joffe and Felicia Stewart, M.D.
    Editorials on Reproductive Rights from "Contraception" by Ann Hwang, Wayne Shields, Felicia Stewart, 01-30-2007
A broad reframing of reproductive rights is a major project of the Longview Institute. We agree with many other progressive groups that the reproductive freedom movement has been losing the battle of language to the Right, and that this movement urgently needs to re-articulate a vision that resonates with more Americans. To further this goal, Longview Fellows and staff have been holding a series of very fruitful discussions on this topic with researchers from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF).
    High in the Andes: The Ministry of Reproductive Rights 01-30-2007
Dr. Pablo Rodriguez reflects on his provision of abortion in an unnamed Latin American country. Introduction by Carole Joffe.
    It's Not Just Abortion, Stupid: Progressives and Abortion by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
Many progressives are now undergoing a reevaluation of the “costs” of a commitment to abortion rights. Abortion can best be defended if it is framed as one element of a larger platform of sexual and reproductive rights and services. There exists now a powerful opening to expose the hypocrisy of “family values” conservatives who seek to withhold from working Americans virtually all that they need—contraception, meaningful sex education, health care for the uninsured, living wages, affordable childcare, as well as abortion care—to raise healthy families. This piece is reprinted from the Winter 2005 issue of Dissent.
    Health Care Insurance Must be Made Universal by Lawrence Wallack, 01-30-2007
    Talking About Public Health: Developing America's "Second Language" by Lawrence Wallack, Regina Lawrence, 01-30-2007

The mission of public health—improving the health of populations—is difficult to advance in public discourse because a language to express the values animating that mission has not been adequately developed. Following on the work of Robert Bellah, Dan Beauchamp, and others, we argue that the first “language” of American culture is individualism.

A second American language of community—rooted in egalitarianism, humanitarianism, and human interconnection—serves as the first language of public health. These values resonate with many Americans but are not easily articulated. Consequently, reductionist, individualistic understandings of public health problems prevail.

Advancing the public health approach to the nation’s health challenges requires invigorating America’s second language by recognizing the human interconnection underlying the core social justice values of public health.

    The Missing Piece: Health Care and the Faith Community by Donald Light, 01-30-2007
    Media Advocacy and Public Health by Lawrence Wallack, 01-30-2007
    The "Thing" Economy and the "Care" Economy by Fred Block, 01-30-2007
This short essay focuses on a key aspect of moral economy--our society's inadequate arrangements for providing the care and nurturance that we all need.
    Roe v. Wade at 30 by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
Carole Joffe describes the current state of abortion provision.
    Larry Wallack on universal health care. by Lawrence Wallack, 01-30-2007
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    Medicine and People of Color by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
Troy Duster on an unlikely mix: race, biology and drugs
 News Items
    Troy Duster Profiled in New York Times by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
Troy Duster, a Longview Institute Senior Fellow, urges geneticists to slow down and check their methods as they search for links between genes, disease and race in the October 18th edition of the New York Times.
    Carole Joffe: Bush and SCHIP: It’s Also About Fetuses 08-07-2007
George W. Bush's treatment of children's health issues represents a perfect marriage of two of the main pillars of his presidency: a full-throttle opposition to effective government programs, and a relentless promotion of measures favored by his Religious Right base.

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