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    Sex and Politics: How the Press Gets It Backwards by E. J. Graff, 01-30-2007
EJ Graff asks when is investigation into a public person's sexual behavior simply sensational voyeurism and when is it genuine matter of public interest.
    Ruth Rosen: Tales From Inside the Editorial Board Room 06-09-2008
In this TPM Cafe piece, Ruth Rosen reflects on the pressure she and other members of the media felt to suppress their skepticism about the Bush administration's rationale to go to war.
    News for a Change by Lawrence Wallack, 01-30-2007
Step-by-step instructions for working with the media to promote social change.
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    Ruth Rosen: Soft Crimes Against Democracy - What Ever Happened to Freedom of Information? by Ruth Rosen, 09-07-2007
At, Ruth Rosen traces the Bush administration's many attempts to suppress information in the name of national security and reminds us how much we have already lost due to secrecy and deception.

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