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    Deep Roots and Tangled Branches by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
    Race and National Security by Jerome Karabel, 01-30-2007
Jerome Karabel on why preservation of affirmative action at home is vital to long-term national security.
    Backdoor to Eugenics by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
    Whitewashing Race by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
Scrutinizes the logic and evidence behind the widely held belief in a color-blind society, and provides an alternative explanation for continued racial inequality in the United States.
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    Explaining Differential Trust of DNA Forensic Technology: Grounded Assessment or Inexplicable Paranoia by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
With the development of DNA technology and the professed ability to determine racial heritage from a DNA sample, law enforcement has further justification to investigate citizens based solely on race. The extent to which Americans trust the police to use this power impartially varies, understandably, by race and class.
    Medicine and People of Color by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
Troy Duster on an unlikely mix: race, biology and drugs
    Debating Proposition 54: Data that bear on matters of life and death by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
Troy Duster examines California's "Racial Privacy Initiative".
    New Book by Longview's Troy Duster by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
The link describes the co-authored book, *Whitewashing Race: The Myth of a Color-Blind Society*, published by University of California Press.
 News Items
    Troy Duster Profiled in New York Times by Troy Duster, 01-30-2007
Troy Duster, a Longview Institute Senior Fellow, urges geneticists to slow down and check their methods as they search for links between genes, disease and race in the October 18th edition of the New York Times.

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