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    Letter from Longview President by Lawrence Wallack, 01-30-2007
    Reframing the Political Battle: Market Fundamentalism vs. Moral Economy by Fred Block, 01-30-2007
Fred Block begins Longview's systematic critique of Market Fundamentalism—the economic doctrine that has dominated the U.S. and global economy since the 1980's. Tying his analysis closely to the current political situation, Block argues that progressives can gain political leverage by focusing their criticisms on the exaggerated reverence for the market that has shaped the current Administration's domestic and foreign agendas. His goal is to show that Market Fundamentalism is both inadequate as an economic theory and morally dangerous. Later articles in this series will analyze the destructive impact of Market Fundamentalism in particular policy areas.
    Bridges to Change by Lawrence Wallack, 01-30-2007
Longview will build strong relationships with key constituencies
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    Fred Block: A Moral Economy by Fred Block, 01-30-2007
Over the last twenty-five years, conservatives have used simple, moral language to convince Americans that only unregulated markets produce prosperity. Fred Block writes in The Nation that, for the Democrats to regain power, they will have to replace that story with one of their own – a vision of a moral economy.

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