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Market Myth No. 3: Regulation of business is wasteful, unproductive and usually unnecessary 10-09-2007
Market Fundamentalists have insistently argued that since markets will punish firms that sell shoddy or dangerous products, there is no need for governments to regulate business. But three current battles have made it crystal clear that these claims are dangerously wrong
Fred Block: Why is the U.S. Fighting in Iraq? 09-10-2007
Was the Bush administration solving international problems—or domestic ones?
Fred Block: Why is the U.S. Fighting in Iraq? 09-10-2007
Was the Bush administration solving international problems—or domestic ones?
Ruth Rosen: Soft Crimes Against Democracy - What Ever Happened to Freedom of Information? by Ruth Rosen, 09-07-2007
At, Ruth Rosen traces the Bush administration's many attempts to suppress information in the name of national security and reminds us how much we have already lost due to secrecy and deception.
Carole Joffe: Bush and SCHIP: It’s Also About Fetuses 08-07-2007
George W. Bush's treatment of children's health issues represents a perfect marriage of two of the main pillars of his presidency: a full-throttle opposition to effective government programs, and a relentless promotion of measures favored by his Religious Right base.
Lawrence Wallack: Retelling the American story by Lawrence Wallack, 07-17-2007
Americans pride ourselves on self-reliance, but we also celebrate our ability to come together as a community to solve common problems, writes Lawrence Wallack. In this cogent meditation on America’s national stories, Wallack argues that our recent focus on individualistic values must now give way to a sense of shared purpose as America confronts the challenges of economic inequality and environment change.
Carole Joffe: The Loneliness of the Abortion Patient by Carole Joffe, 05-30-2007
Rather than expressing solidarity with others experiencing unwanted pregnancies, Carole Joffe and Kate Cosby write on, many abortion patients take pains to distinguish themselves as different from other women getting abortions.
Ruth Rosen: Rising Women Float All Boats by Ruth Rosen, 04-20-2007
In The San Francisco Chronicle, Ruth Rosen praises Ellen Bravo's Taking On the Big Boys: Why Feminism is Good for Families, Business, and the Nation. "Bravo's book," Rosen writes, "is such an enjoyable and accessible read it just might galvanize general readers to put the problems faced by working women on the national public agenda."
Market Myth Two 03-28-2007
Government will always spend money less productively than private citizens; this is why tax cuts are almost always a good idea
Market Myth 2 03-28-2007
“Government will always spend money less productively than private citizens; this is why tax cuts are almost always a good idea.”
Blaming Market Fundamentalism for the Mortgage Mess 03-21-2007
In a piece that effectively conveys moral outrage, economist Nouriel Roubani details how the meltdown in the mortgage market is the consequence of a systematic failure of regulation fueled by the ideology of Market Fundamentalism. His powerful piece conveys the huge economic price we are paying for these mistaken ideas. But Roubani,'s piece only briefly touches on the evastating impact that this explosion of predatory lending has had on low income and especially minority communities where many have been systematically stripped of their savings and now face the loss of their homes. While the Market Fundamentalists all claim to be color blind, their policies, as with Hurricane Katrina, always seem to hit racial minorities the hardest.
And You're Worried About Oil? by Ruth Rosen, 03-21-2007
In her review of Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water for The San Francisco Chronicle. Ruth Rosen writes of Market Fundamentalism's growing influence over our water supply.
The Care Crisis by Ruth Rosen, 04-20-2007
Working mothers can't pamper their stress away, Ruth Rosen writes in the The Nation. Their balancing act needs a political fix.
The Development of a Key Cancer Drug: Taxol 02-09-2007
Race and National Security by Jerome Karabel, 01-30-2007
Jerome Karabel on why preservation of affirmative action at home is vital to long-term national security.
Bridges to Change by Lawrence Wallack, 01-30-2007
Longview will build strong relationships with key constituencies
Longview Advisory Board 01-30-2007
The Longview Advisory Board includes Barbara Ehrenreich, Arlie Hochschild, Pedro Noguera, Katha Pollitt, Orville Schell, Paul Starr, and Patricia Williams.
Reproductive Rights 01-30-2007
Over the last few years, Republicans and anti-abortion groups have made great gains in stigmatizing abortion and limiting women’s access to the full range of reproductive health care. There is an urgent need for a new vision of women's health that includes full access to reproductive services, including abortion.
Note to Nancy Pelosi: Challenge Market Fundamentalism by Ruth Rosen, 01-31-2007
New Resource on Market Fundamentalism 01-30-2007
Longview is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource on Market Fundamentalism, the unquestioned faith in the capacity of markets to solve all social and economic problems. We hope that this resource will provide both activists and the public with the tools to recognize and refute the flawed arguments that have artificially limited our political choices for too long.
The Story of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 01-30-2007
The Rise of the Internet 01-30-2007
The Birth of the Microchip 01-30-2007
The Invention of the Laser 01-30-2007
The Origin of the “Personal” Computer 01-30-2007
Ruth Rosen: Feminist Rebel Reveals Past of Incest by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
At, Ruth Rosen writes: Bettina Aptheker's memoir shows how she broke free from her father, the most famous Marxist historian in the United States - and the man who molested her.
Politicizing Birth Control by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
America's Election: Daddy's Swagger vs. Mommy's Care by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
The mid-term political earthquake in the United States was a vote against a macho politics of fear, says Ruth Rosen in an article published on
Taking the Long View: Thoughts on Post-Election Strategy by Fred Block, 01-30-2007
Fred Block puts the election results in perspective and suggests a strategy that will help progressives to make further advances in shifting the nation’s agenda.
South Dakota, Sexual Politics, and the American Elections by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
The abortion referendum in South Dakota is only one of the neglected issues affecting the daily lives of American women, minorities and working families, says Ruth Rosen in an article originally published at

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