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    The Hidden Injuries of Sex by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
Ruth Rosen addresses the issue of sexual battery raised by Arnold's bad behavior.
    Wasting Young Minds by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
Ruth Rosen explains the links between public education cutbacks and Bush Administration policies.
 News Items
    Ruth Rosen on the Summer that Changed America by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
Ruth Rosen examines how country-wide upheavals in the summer of 1964 gave rise to the politics, society and culture of today. This article appears in AlterNet and the History News Network.
    Ruth Rosen: The Hidden War on Iraqi Women by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
Horrible as the abuse and torture of Iraqi men has been, Ruth Rosen writes on, many Iraqi women have suffered both physical and sexual violence. Because of the military's guilt and the victims' shame, these crimes against women often go unreported.
    Ruth Rosen: Feminist Rebel Reveals Past of Incest by Ruth Rosen, 01-30-2007
At, Ruth Rosen writes: Bettina Aptheker's memoir shows how she broke free from her father, the most famous Marxist historian in the United States - and the man who molested her.
    Ruth Rosen: Rising Women Float All Boats by Ruth Rosen, 04-20-2007
In The San Francisco Chronicle, Ruth Rosen praises Ellen Bravo's Taking On the Big Boys: Why Feminism is Good for Families, Business, and the Nation. "Bravo's book," Rosen writes, "is such an enjoyable and accessible read it just might galvanize general readers to put the problems faced by working women on the national public agenda."
    Ruth Rosen: Soft Crimes Against Democracy - What Ever Happened to Freedom of Information? by Ruth Rosen, 09-07-2007
At, Ruth Rosen traces the Bush administration's many attempts to suppress information in the name of national security and reminds us how much we have already lost due to secrecy and deception.

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