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Lawrence Wallack

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Health Care Insurance Must be Made Universal
Framing: More Than A Message
Talking About Public Health: Developing America's "Second Language"
<p>The mission of public health—improving the health of <i>populations</i>—is difficult to advance in public discourse because a language to express the values animating that mission has not been adequately developed. Following on the work of Robert Bellah, Dan Beauchamp, and others, we argue that the first “language” of American culture is individualism.</p> <p>A second American language of community—rooted in egalitarianism, humanitarianism, and human interconnection—serves as the first language of public health. These values resonate with many Americans but are not easily articulated. Consequently, reductionist, individualistic understandings of public health problems prevail.</p> <P>Advancing the public health approach to the nation’s health challenges requires invigorating America’s second language by recognizing the human interconnection underlying the core social justice values of public health.</p>
Lawrence Wallack: Retelling the American story
Americans pride ourselves on self-reliance, but we also celebrate our ability to come together as a community to solve common problems, writes Lawrence Wallack. In this cogent meditation on America’s national stories, Wallack argues that our recent focus on individualistic values must now give way to a sense of shared purpose as America confronts the challenges of economic inequality and environment change.

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