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Market Fundamentalism

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Longview's project on Market Fundamentalism is intended as a resource to explain what Market Fundamentalism is, examine its impact on politics and policy, and provide powerful critiques of its key arguments. We will develop this resource over time, so please continue to visit the site in the coming months.

Market Fundamentalism
Market Fundamentalism: Frequently Asked Questions
Resources for learning more about Market Fundamentalism
Market Myth One
The Market is the only source of innovation and it must be left alone if we want to accelerate technological change
The Origin of the “Personal” Computer
The Invention of the Laser
The Birth of the Microchip
The Rise of the Internet
The Story of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
New Resource on Market Fundamentalism
Longview is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource on Market Fundamentalism, the unquestioned faith in the capacity of markets to solve all social and economic problems. We hope that this resource will provide both activists and the public with the tools to recognize and refute the flawed arguments that have artificially limited our political choices for too long.
The Development of a Key Cancer Drug: Taxol
Market Myth Two
Government will always spend money less productively than private citizens; this is why tax cuts are almost always a good idea
Market Myth No. 3: Regulation of business is wasteful, unproductive and usually unnecessary
Market Fundamentalists have insistently argued that since markets will punish firms that sell shoddy or dangerous products, there is no need for governments to regulate business. But three current battles have made it crystal clear that these claims are dangerously wrong
Market Myth Four: Financial Markets Thrive when Regulation is Kept to a Minimum

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