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Carole Joffe Carole Joffe
Professor, Sociology
University of California, Davis
Expertise: The Politics of Women's Health
    Sex, Politics and Markets by Carole Joffe, Felicia Stewart, 01-30-2007
Markets aren't free when they are constrained by conservative ideology, argue Carole Joffe and Felicia Stewart, M.D.
    It's Not Just Abortion, Stupid: Progressives and Abortion by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
Many progressives are now undergoing a reevaluation of the “costs” of a commitment to abortion rights. Abortion can best be defended if it is framed as one element of a larger platform of sexual and reproductive rights and services. There exists now a powerful opening to expose the hypocrisy of “family values” conservatives who seek to withhold from working Americans virtually all that they need—contraception, meaningful sex education, health care for the uninsured, living wages, affordable childcare, as well as abortion care—to raise healthy families. This piece is reprinted from the Winter 2005 issue of Dissent.
    An Open Letter to Dalton Conley by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
Recently, Dalton Conley, a professor of sociology at NYU, published a controversial op-ed in the New York Times, arguing that men should have to right to veto a woman's abortion, if he is willing to commit to raising the child that would result from that pregnancy. In this Open Letter, Longview Senior Fellow Carole Joffe spells out the numerous ways in which Conley's proposal is misguided.
    Morality and the Abortion Provider by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
In this editorial, originally published in the journal Contraception, Longview Senior Fellow Carole Joffe addresses the unique perspective on "morality" that she has noted among those who provide abortions. Joffe observes in this group a "moral vision without moralism" that she argues is "the only viable foundation for the humane regulation of sexuality."
    Politicizing Birth Control by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
    The Regulation of Sexuality by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
    Roe v. Wade at 30 by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
Carole Joffe describes the current state of abortion provision.
 News Items
    Carole Joffe: Reproductive Regression by Carole Joffe, 01-30-2007
An increase in illegal abortions isn't a theoretical outcome of Roe someday being overturned. It's already happening, writes Carole Joffe at
    Carole Joffe: The Loneliness of the Abortion Patient by Carole Joffe, 05-30-2007
Rather than expressing solidarity with others experiencing unwanted pregnancies, Carole Joffe and Kate Cosby write on, many abortion patients take pains to distinguish themselves as different from other women getting abortions.

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